Savory Poems for Lunch or Dinner

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Dude - you might have to up this to $6 or $7/ day unless you're looking for taco bell, etc.

Taste Tickler is an absurdly delicious sub-sandwich shop, located in NE on 14th and Broadway. Opened in 1971, this local, award-winning restaurant (praised by both the Portland Mercury and the Willamette Week) is the epitome of cheap, surprisingly good food in Portland. The two subs most worth noting are the Taste Tickler (a pretty simple, but artistically crafted sandwich with turkey, salami, and lots of other good stuff), and the Teriyaki Sub, which may seem impossible to eat at first glance, as the many contents almost completely flatten out the bread, but its worth the effort; the unorthodox combination of teriyaki chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and pepperonini is an unexpected pleasure. Most of the sandwiches here are under 5 bucks... totally worth checking out.

My best $5 strategy is to buy something that will last two days for lunch. Sawasde (sp?) cart on 10th & Alder has great thai food - comes out to $3.50/day - ka-ching!

For $6 bucks you can get a Great taco and bowl of salad at Por Que No.

Years ago you could get a great bowl of mac -n-cheese at Montage. (you know, that restaurant under the Belmont bridge...).

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